Aimed Resume is an effective Resume?

Changing jobs can often be quite a challenge for an employee. If you are currently employed and want to change jobs for some reason, you are in a slightly better situation. However, those who are not employed feel much more pressure due to the need to find some source of income. One of the most important steps is to prepare a suitable Resume. How can this be done?

Why is a Resume so important?

First and foremost you need to remember that skills and qualifications are the greatest employability factor. However, you need to sell them well to your future employer. In order to do this, you need to draw up a decent Resume, which provides information on your educational and employment history. If you are thinking about a career resume, put a lot of thought into your Resume. An employer will see that you are currently unemployed which will put him in a slightly better negotiating position than you. For this reason, a good Resume is an essential weapon in negotiations.

How to make a good Resume?

Whether a Resume is good or not is best shown by the ratio of copies sent to invitations to interview. When a person is very often invited to meetings, it is an indication that the data presented in the Resume forms a very interesting whole and that the employer is willing to talk to the candidate to take a closer look. The more job interviews you have, the more likely you are to find the one.

A good Resume should, above all, be clear. It must not contain too much information, because in this way you can very quickly reject the person reading it. First of all, it is worth starting with a photograph. It is important that it is not a holiday photo, but one depicting a serious person. Next, personal details are important, as the employer wants to know who he will talk to. When listing education and career facts, it is worth arranging them chronologically. Those activities that are most recent should be placed at the top of the list. It is a good idea to list some of the most important projects/duties you have had in your job. If the occupation is related to some process optimisation it is worth preparing some examples of savings.

An important, although often ignored piece of information is hobbies. When an employer has a choice between two very similar candidates, they will often choose the one they can talk to in their spare time when they have a hobby in common!

Use ready-made templates

In conclusion, when creating a Resume you should remember that it is a kind of weapon with which you can fight for employment and decent working conditions. For this reason, it is worth putting in the effort to get it right and enjoy the interviews and, eventually, the new job!

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