Are Free Online Courses Going To Be The Future Of Education?

One of the few positive things that the pandemic taught us is the accessibility of education within the walls of our comfy abode. Although distance learning was not an alien concept for us before that, the advent of the latest technology and innovation in the field of education to adapt to the culture of remote learning has contributed immensely to the mood shift of people across the globe. The proliferation of several online learning programs on different platforms has encouraged folks of all ages and genders from all walks of life to muster the courage and hop onto the bandwagon of learning new skills.

The concept of global classrooms adopted by reputed universities worldwide has taken inclusivity to the next level as we observe diversity among the students enrolling in a particular course conducted in a specific country from all over the world. Be it a free educational app or a paid subscription to any course, as long as you have an abundance of internet and a thirst for knowledge, you are welcome to the landscape of learning driven by technology.

When we talk from the perspective of the online education market and how institutes and virtual educational firms are taking up the new way of teaching, this mode of education is expected to overpower conventional teaching methods shortly. Universities like Harvard and Stanford are taking initiatives to promote their online courses, especially for subjects revolving around technology and science, to democratize the learning process. If we are to discuss the reasons behind the full fledge digitization of educational trends, we can sum up with the following pointers:

  1. Flexibility is the most significant feature associated with e-courses, as students can choose the schedule that best suits their convenience. This is why individuals, despite juggling multiple responsibilities, are taking time to upskill themselves with the plethora of online courses for free. If we talk about India, there is no more depravity of education for underprivileged but sharp students who earlier didn’t have access to quality education and study materials. Besides gaining knowledge with free online classes, learners can also explore through the vast digital library with millions of e-books and the ocean of information on the world wide web.
  1. Automation has simplified the learning process for online students, and the methodology of teaching and tracking the progress of these students also doesn’t require much labor from the teachers. Courses and syllabi are designed and integrated in such a way that conducting periodic assessments, briefing about the projects and their submission, etc., is all done with the help of an inbuilt interface.
  1. Using the latest technology like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and gamification of any learning app is one of the major reasons behind the immense popularity of virtual learning platforms. These technologies are a boon for providing conceptual clarity to students with complex subjects. Integrating games within them will help learners enjoy the process rather than feeling overwhelmed.
  1. Plenty of options and the versatility of these educational platforms are also fascinating for students who want to explore their areas of interest in different subjects. So, if anyone wants to learn baking or some leg shaking or even wants to be a coder in the making, the online educational domain has it all.
  1. All the differently abled students and learners with special needs can join these global learning platforms without facing the prejudice or fear of being shamed or bullied, which is otherwise very common in a traditional set-up educational institution.

To conclude, whether the platform is online or offline, the process of learning and evolving should remain constant, and online educational platforms by no means are created to uproot the conventional method of teaching and learning. But it is there to catalyze socioeconomic change and promote literacy across the globe.

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