Everything To Know About The Medical Assistant program

A medical assistant is a medical professional who is mainly responsible for working side by side with the physicians in the medical offices and as well as the clinics. Some of the facts about the medical assistant program have been discussed in this article.

Roles and responsibilities of the medical assistant


A medical assistant is a medical professional who is mainly responsible for working in outpatient and ambulatory care facilities, such as medical offices and clinics.

Some of the administrative duties mainly include:

  1. Using computer applications
  2. Answering the telephones
  3. Welcoming the patients
  4. Updating and filing the patient’s medical records
  5. They also schedule the appointments
  6. Arrange for hospital admissions and different laboratory services
  7. Handling the correspondence, bookkeeping, and billing.

Different clinical duties include:

  1. Taking the medical histories of the patients
  2. Explaining the different treatment procedures to patients
  3. Preparing the patients for the examination
  4. Assisting the physicians during the physical exams
  5. They do help in the collection and preparation of the laboratory specimens
  6. Helps in performing some of the basic laboratory tests
  7. Instructing the patients about medication and some of the special diets
  8. Preparing and administering the medications as directed by the physician
  9. They do help in transmitting the prescription refills as directed

Medical assistants in the hospital handle the calls of the patients and drop-ins, schedule procedures, and many more. The clinical side of this job type can be both patient-based and is also laboratory-based.


The places the medical assistants mainly work


Depending on the type of practice specialty, the work of the medical assistants varies differently. For example, in the case of the optometrist’s office, the medical assistant may regulate the diagnostic tests, they do measure and record the vision using different types of testing methods. In a gynecologist’s office, the medical assistant may help in preparing the patients for gynecological procedures, prepare and send the lab specimens, and they also monitor the pregnancy tests.

Medical assistants normally work full-time, part-time, evenings, or even on the weekends. This mainly depends on the hours of operation for the practice or ambulatory care center. Regardless of the job duties and responsibilities of the medical assistants they mainly work closely with the patients.

The physicians need the license to practice in any new state. But the medical assistants are mainly able to move across the country and have greater flexibility. The medical assistants do get paid easily too.  There is also a huge demand for this job in the country.

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