How Are Classical Christian Schools Different? Find Here!

The focus of Classical Christian education is on Trivium, which consists of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. If you want your child to have Christ-centered education, you may want to consider Classical Christian education. Selecting a private school for your child is never easy, but knowing the basics always helps. In this post, we are sharing more on how Classical Christian schools are different.

  • The Trivium difference – Students who learn at a Classical Christian school ate better at reading, writing and comprehension across subjects. Their learning is not limited to a few books. They are encouraged to think differently and independently, and while modern education has its advantages, it doesn’t really promote this kind of learning.
  • Learning from literature. Students of Classical Christian schools are also encouraged to learn from history books and literature, and they figure out a lot of their lessons through Bible and God’s story. In other words, students learn about the world through humane and social aspects.
  • Creativity. Students are often made to believe that they can always grow by earning a degree, which isn’t the case. Classical Christian education encourages creativity, asking students to absorb facts, while asking questions at the same time. Children in these private schools have a more creative bend of mind.

  • Knowing Christ’s lordship. For a lot of parents, this does matter. Classical Christian education allows students to apply Christianity teachings in every sphere of learning and study. Students know Scripture, and that can impact their worldview in many ways.
  • Unique language learning. Classical students have the choice of learning Latin and Greek, in which some of the most original books and contents have been written. You can check with a private school for knowing more on this, and how they plan to teach history books.

Final word

When you select a school for your child, think beyond the books. Classical Christian schools have been in demand for these five reasons and more. It is more about learning about the world through Christ’s teachings, and that itself could be a big difference. If you are comparing Classical Christian schools, check the ambience, ask questions and make sure to talk to the teachers. You may want to know what the classroom experience is all about and how it can be different from a regular school. Classical Christian education is the future, and more parents will make way for the movement in time to come.

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