How to apply for an MBA Degree to help you Accelerate your Career

Are you looking forward to joining an MBA course? Rest assured that the MBA has been deemed ideal for people contemplating gaining business skills along with accelerating their careers. Young professionals and college students would often wonder whether attending the best university in UAE would set them up for career success.

An MBA degree has been largely popular to access C-suite jobs at reputed and large corporations. It would be an asset for young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The credential appearing on the resumes of numerous Fortune 500 executives would be a boon for the candidates looking forward to applying in large corporations. With an MBA degree in your resume, you would have better prospects of getting a highly paid job at present.

However, despite several prominent business executives hold an MBA degree, it is not the key to fame and fortune. The MBA experts would recommend initiative, effort, and creativity as the keys to excelling in business other than your academic lineage.

MBA would require initiative from the initial point to through the career. It would be pertinent to mention here that MBA in UAE would assist people to break into some highly competitive business sectors. It would not b wrong to suggest that potential MBA students dreaming of working in major cities far from home could often make the most of earning their MBA at a non-local school.

The time required for getting an MBA degree

A full-time MBA program would last two years. However, you would come across several accelerated full-time MBA programs lasting a single year only. These programs would be available in non-US business schools. You could make the most of quick-paced MBA programs, common in such business schools.

Executive and part-time MBA programs would vary in length. It would be based on your credits in every academic semester or quarter. It would be pertinent to mention here that both part-time and executive MBA programs have been specifically designed for working professionals attending schools while maintaining a full-time job.

Requirements for MBA applications

Usually, MBA applications would be inclusive of standardized test scores, academic transcripts, resumes, recommendation letters, and essays. Most business schools would willingly accept either GRE or GMAT test scores. It would not be wrong to suggest that a few test-optional MBA programs do not require submitting business school entrance test scores.

Besides, a majority of business schools would waive the test scores required for various applicants qualifying for score waivers based on a college GPA or an impressive work experience.

Rest assured the business schools would seldom invite applicants for in-person interviews. Mostly, business schools would require applicants to submit video essays. A majority of MBA programs prefer MBA applicants having significant years of work experience. There may be a few programs specifically designed for recent college graduates or college students.

The MBA admission officers would prefer looking at your career progression in your MBA application. It implies that you should have taken professional responsibility gradually. It would help determine success stories about your contribution to the current company, college campus, past employers, or the local community.

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