Top Tips to Help Parents Identify a Great International School

If you are on the lookout for international schools in Bangkok, you’ve probably come across quite a lot and received several suggestions. When most people think of international schools, they picture a world-class learning institution that offers outstanding facilities and excellent teachers. Although this is generally true, not all international schools were created equal. To pick the best schools, follow the tips mentioned below.


The first thing to look for when choosing an international school is accreditation. Are they help to a high standard by a governing body? A good international school in Bangkok will be in the process of being accredited or already be accredited by an external organisation, such as:

  • WASC
  • CIS

If they are accredited by one of the recognised organisations listed, they will be held to rigorous standards worldwide. An international school will always display their accreditation on their website and at the school.

Talk to Teachers!

The easiest way to find out about a school is to talk to the teachers who have been there for many years. Although it isn’t easy to meet up for a chat, the best time to speak to them is when you schedule a tour of the campus.

It is important to give yourself and your kids a couple of hours to look around and talk to faculty members. It is always a good idea to book a campus tour in the middle of a semester, so you get to see the school in full swing.

Consult with Parents!

Another way you’ll find a good international school is to get in touch with parents of past or current pupils. When you visit the school, ask the staff can they provide references and contact details for parents of pupils in the school. You can also look for online review sites to learn more about various institutions.


It is always good to meet with the head of the school or even speak to them using a video call if you cannot meet in person. Use this in-depth meeting to discuss their vision, mission, and goals for the school.

There you have it, some top tips to help parents identify some of the leading international schools in their area. Before choosing a school for your child, it is important to do plenty of research and speak to the people who have experience in the institution. Remember to visit the school in person and thoroughly assess the environment and staff.

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