What to Look for When Choosing a School for your Child

For parents, the start of their child’s schooling can be an emotional time and your choice of school will have a direct bearing on the quality of education that your child receives. Just because a school is just around the corner, that is not reason enough to enroll your child and with that in mind, here are a few of the attributes and resources a good school would have.

  • Firm Direction – Every school needs firm direction and when browsing school websites, check out their vision and mission statements. The school principal would provide the direction, ensuring that all teachers receive regular training and this should be evident when you tour the school.
  • Active Learning Strategies – Some schools still use the traditional passive learning system, where the teacher stands at the front of the class and instructs, yet the type of education leaves a lot to be desired. For the best curriculum, look for an international school in Bangkok, where they use a project-based approach that helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Security – There should be CCTV cameras evident covering the perimeter, while the gates would be manned and visitors required to show a pass and only those non-parents with special permission can collect their child.
  • Resources & Amenities – A good school would have at least one swimming pool, a computer department, indoor PE facilities and a natural area for outdoor learning. A progressive school is one that understands that we must familiarise the children with nature and many classes would be held in the school grounds. When you make an enquiry, you should receive a folder with printed literature and that would detail the school’s many amenities.
  • Experienced Teachers – While you would expect to see young trainee teachers, there should be a core of professional teachers who oversee the trainees and know how to deliver the curriculum. An international school, for example, would import their teachers from the US, ensuring that the students have the best education and with a great National Curriculum, academic excellence is all but guaranteed.
  • Appealing Ambience – A school is much more than bricks and mortar and if the students are happy, there should be a nice ambience or atmosphere. Make a point of talking to a few parents when you visit the school and you can ask them any questions you might have.

Start with a Google search to get a list of local schools and if you want the best for your child, consider international education as a good long-term investment.

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